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  1. It is ok to make links with bootstrap cards. But you can only add one link inside one card? I want a better way to make my links Perhpas not with bootsrap?
  2. Hi! I want to make links to other pages i like. I have a own html file for this. I wonder what is the best way to do this with bootsrap that is best looking? XCF.
  3. Hi! First off I am new here. If you want to know more and about me read my profile I made. I just wanted to let you know I spend alot of time on your page just to learn stuff and build some basic things and advancing. But now I actually got around to building my own site using bootstrap. It is a page with a navbar I CANNOT GET TO WORK, because of TWO thing.. I will post more about that later. But for now, just wanted to say i love your site, it's been and is VERY useful to me, and it looks great! Now that I am a member I also must say I love the work on the forum pages and the whole site is awesome! Greets from Norway, XCF!
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