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    Hello, I am customizing a form using a Wordpress plugin. In order to get the settings I prefer, I need to add my own custom HTML. The form does not support CSS. I want something that looks like this: <h1 style="color:#0EAD69; font-family:Montserrat; text-align:center;"> Join Our Newsletter </h1> Unfortunately, it isn't working when I enter the code in the appropriate spot. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I am not usually a coder, but I have a Wordpress site with a Mailchimp form that I have been customizing. I want the Submit button to zoom on hover. I've looked at examples of this on the web, but have been unsuccessful in making it work. I have a CSS plugin in which I have entered the following code. So far, it all works. Can anyone tell me how to add the zoom on hover code? /* Add a Border Around the Form*/ #mc_embed_signup { border-color: #000000; border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; } /* Add Padding Around the Mailchimp Form*/ #mc_embed_signup { padding: 20px; } /* Customize the Header*/ #mc_embed_signup h2 { font-size: 24px; text-transform: uppercase; margin-bottom: 30px; color: #000000; text-align: center; } /* Customize the Subscribe Button*/ #mc_embed_signup .subscribe-button { background-color: #0EAD69; padding: 12px 50px; border-radius: 50px; border-color: #738DFF; color: #ffffff; font-size: 16px; display: block; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; } /* Change Colour of Subscribe Button on Hover*/ #mc_embed_signup .subscribe-button:hover { background-color: #738DFF; color: #ffffff; display: inline-block; display: block; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; } #mc_embed_signup .required-email { color: #A8A3A2; font-style: italic; background-color: #fff; border-color: #000000; } #mc_embed_signup .first-name { color : #A8A3A2; font-style: italic; background-color: #fff; border-color: #000000; margin-bottom: 10px; }
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