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  1. yumasan

    CSS form element

    Thank you both!
  2. yumasan

    CSS form element

    Thank you, however this form is auto generated from a module in Joomla!. Is there anther way to style it without giving it one of those? Is there a way to style it based on the "name"? Thanks again.
  3. yumasan

    CSS form element

    Trying to style only a single element in a form that is named "currency_code". I can't seem to figure out the correct coding. There are 2 elements in the form that are controlled by a #text, I want to style the one named currency_code differently. Suggestions? Please see attached image.
  4. yumasan

    CSS issues

    Please forgive me if this is not allowed. I didn't see it forbidden in the guidelines. I have a few sites I'm having CSS issues with. Was wondering if someone could take a look and try to help me. If so, I'll give more info as needed. Thanks in advance.
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