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  1. Hi there! The problem I have is: I want to change the background of two elements simultaneously with one :hover. The image below shows an article from the main section. It has :hover{backgroundcolor=lightgrey} property set. I nested a table inside it. As you can see I put a <th colspan="4"> with background-color: white (because I want the rest of the <th> to be lightblue). I want the :hover from the article to also change the <th colspan="4"> to lightgrey even if I'm only hovering the article element. Thank you. Pd: I still only know HTML and CSS 😄 I'm very new to this I've just spent a few weeks on it Edit: I just applied a transparent color to the background 😅 didn't know it was a choice. main section article:hover{ background-color: lightgrey; } main section article h2{ margin-top: 0; } table{ text-align: left; border-spacing: 1px; } th{ background-color: lightblue; text-align: center; padding: 0.1rem 1rem; } th.table-heading{ background-color: white; } tr:hover{ background-color: grey; } td{ padding-right: 1rem; } td.name{ text-align: center; }
  2. I just wanted to notify a little "mistake" at your Sign Up page: https://mypage.w3schools.com/mypage/login.php?logintyp=1 Where you see "Username" you're actually asking for e-mail. I thought this is not looking good in a page that's dedicated to this very affairs so I just wanted to notify and since I don't know how to contact the support I leave this post here with my best intentions. 😄 Thank you for reading.
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