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  1. Hi How do i hide the prices on a b2b webshop, until a customer logins in? I cant find any information anywhere on the net, on how to do that.
  2. Hi there Is there anyone who can help a javascript Noob? And explain what is missing in my javascript code, so the pop-up only is displayed once per. session. Because right now, it pops up every time I click to a new page. And the idea is that it is should work like the business or consumer popup on dustin.com. Is my Javascrip code. <!--Modal--> <!--modalpopup Business eller privat--> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ //loads when document is ready if (document.cookie.indexOf('modal_shown=') >= 0) { //do nothing if modal_shown cookie is present } else { $('.modal').modal('show'); //show modal pop up document.cookie = 'modal_shown=seen'; //set cookie modal_shown //cookie will expire when browser is closed } }) </script> <script> $ts.ready(function() { $elm('[data-dismiss="modal"]').onclick = function() { $elm('.container').style.display = 'none'; } }); </script> <!--test--> <script> $ts.ready(function() { $elm('[data-dismiss="modal-footer"]').onclick = function() { $elm('.container').style.display = 'none'; } }); </script> <!---->
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