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  1. Thanks. I appreciate the confidence and the advice and that I should consider my current capabilities. Since it's a voting website, the links don't actually need to be updated all that often. But I'll definitely consider what you've advised. Thanks again.
  2. Hello. Thanks for offering to help. I'm my own client! All I know about what you asked is that... I can upload things in folders that I can access at my web hosting service.
  3. Hello, I have a voting info website. People click on cells in a large 50 U.S. state table, with 4 URL links per row. That's 200 URL's. Here's the code for each I'm using: "onclick="window.location='http://alabamavotes.gov/AbsenteeVotingInfo.aspx?m=voters'"> Is there a way for the code in the HTML to be a "placeholder" to an external area where all the URL's "live" for easier updating? Such as "onclick="window.location=AL-AV" and somewhere else in the code (or even a table that "lives outside" the code in a separate document) there's something like "AL-AV" = http://alabamavotes.gov/AbsenteeVotingInfo.aspx?m=voters'" Thanks.
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