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  1. Hello,

    I have a voting info website.  People click on cells in a large 50 U.S. state table, with 4 URL links per row.  That's 200 URL's.

    Here's the code for each I'm using:  "onclick="window.location='http://alabamavotes.gov/AbsenteeVotingInfo.aspx?m=voters'">

    Is there a way for the code in the HTML to be a "placeholder" to an external area where all the URL's "live" for easier updating?

    Such as "onclick="window.location=AL-AV"  and somewhere else in the code (or even a table that "lives outside" the code in a separate document) there's something like

    "AL-AV" =  http://alabamavotes.gov/AbsenteeVotingInfo.aspx?m=voters'"


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