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  1. Hi There, I have the following table that I created from the below query SELECT d.DealID, d.DealNumber, d.NominalAmount, --i.StartDate, DATEADD(day, -1, i.EndDate) AS [AdjustedEndDate], i.Rate, cp.ProjStartDate, cp.ProjEndDate, dir.InterestMultiplier from [dbo].[VwPrefSharesDeal] d JOIN VwPrefSharesCashProjection cp on cp.DealHashKey = d.DealHashKey JOIN [dbo].[VwPrefSharesDealInterBankRelation] dir ON d.DealHashKey = dir.DealHashKey JOIN [dbo].[VwPrefSharesBank] b ON dir.InterestBankHashKey = b.BankHashKey JOIN [dbo].[VwPrefSharesInterest] i ON b.BankHashKey = i.BankHashKey WHERE DealID = 'SI001263-03' and ProjStartDate = '2020-03-31 23:59:59.0000000' ORDER BY i.StartDate I want to show the start date as the ProjStartDate = '2020-03-31 23:59:59.0000000' when the ProjStart date is after the startdate and the AdjustedEndDate as and ProjEndDate = '2020-09-30 23:59:59.0000000'. For instance, I only want to see the following dates I have tried Case When, but I cannot get it to work.
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