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  1. I´ve been searching on how to do this but with no luck, the thing is, i need to sign a certificate and the xml result must match the example below: <Signer> <dsig:X509IssuerName>dnQualifier=wBz3yptkPxbHI/\+LUUeH5R6rQfI=,CN=.cc-admin-x, OU=.cc-ra-1a.s430-2.ca.example.com,O=.ca.example.com</dsig:X509IssuerName> <dsig:X509SerialNumber>6992</dsig:X509SerialNumber> </Signer> The first thing i did was to create a private.key and a some_file.pem using PHP written on the first example here and i did it successfully. Then, i used th
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