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  1. Dear all, Unfortunately I never learned programming properly, but I sometimes use XML to add custom content controls to Word documents and it is extremely useful to me. In Word I use the Developer > XML mapping pane - and the on the right side - XML mapping > Custom XML part to add my XML code (usually a simple .txt file) selecting the (Add new part...) from the dropdown list. Now say that I added the following code: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> <XMLname xmlns="XMLID"> <item1>This is my custom XML part. It helps me greatly. I'd like to improve my knowledge and my codes.</item1> <item2></item2> </XMLname> So far so good, if I insert 'item2' as a Rich Text content control, it gives me an empty field I can freely edit. But here come my two problems: If I insert 'item1' as a Rich Text content control, it gives me a field filled with the text I set, and it will look like this: QUESTION 1: The above result is still useful (since I can edit the field as I see fit), but is there a way to add a line break? So, what I'd like to see is: Is there a simple way in XML to do this (without adding a new tag)? Something like the '\n' in HTML? QUESTION 2: Is there a simple way to make a list of the text? Again, like the <ul> tag in HTML, but without using additional tags. So for example And if there is a way, how can I add different list styles and subpoints to the points? Thank you all in advance, a simple answer to question 1 would help me a lot.
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