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  1. I solved the 3 problems, and unfortunately, as I feared, they didn't solve my problem. the warnings tell me this: Warning: Section lacks heading. Consider using h2-h6 elements to add identifying headings to all sections. I tried to remove the <section>, inserting in place of the <div> but the situation doesn't change. other ideas??
  2. forgive my ignorance, but are you telling me that those 6 warnings can create that annoying problem? The 3 errors are due to labels, which I thought, did not manage to do those kinds of damage. I tried to remove all the "footer" section, which is the one where there are errors, but the problem persists! can you help me on how i could solve the warnings ??
  3. thank you very much for the tip, but unfortunately I've already been there. I have already scanned the whole page with the validator, and corrected all the small errors, but unfortunately the problem persists. currently I have only a few negligible warnings.
  4. As the title suggests, the site that I have just finished and delivered, therefore also online, works perfectly on all browsers except safari. I can't understand what the problem is. Do you have any ideas ?? On the home page, the parallax effect "vibrates" tremendously, almost causing nausea. here the link of the page, to understand what I mean, open them with google chrome (fluid and perfect site) and then check with safari. Homepage www.teamcobram.com if it were useful I could also post the code, but you can find it on the site without problems. many thanks in advance
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