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  1. Hello, everyone. I'm trying to make web page by using HTMl file, but it seems i have some problems. A person allowed me to download, edit, and use his own HTML file, so i can create my own web page. I dont have programming abilities, but i still can understand some parts of the code. I started adding more pictures to the web page, by increasing the HTML code, but i got problems. To add a new photo, i used copy-paste of the previous code that contains another photo, so i when i used the code to add one more photo, i only changed the name of the photo that have to be shown. But now, when i add one more photo, the page receives one more container container. For example, see the following code: </div> <div class="BlackBox"> <div class="TLDR">HERE I ADD THE TEXT I WANT TO BE SHOWN. </div> <div class="Gallery-Content--mediaContainer"><a name="NAME_OF_THE_PHOTO.JPG"></a> <div class="Gallery-Content--media"> <div class="imageContainer"> <img class="image-thumb" src="./NAME_OF_THE_FOLDER_THAT_CONTAINS_IMAGES/NAME_OF_PHOTO.JPG"/>Full-size image is <a href="./NAME_OF_THE_FOLDER_THAT_CONTAING_IMAGES/NAME_OF_THE_PHOTO.JPG">here.</a> </div> When i want to add one more photo, i will not write new code/newkind of code, i will simply copy and paste the already existing code, and then i will simply change the name of the photo, and will replace the old name with new name, so new photo can be show on the web page. Here is how the original page look like: https://i.imgur.com/Ad3qiAS.png Here is how my page look like: https://i.imgur.com/RkguhC6.png As you can see, in the first photo, all pictures are separated. In the second photo, there are containers. Everytime when i copy and paste the code, new container is added. How to remove these containers?
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