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  1. so! I was creating a class with python class car{ //mycode } now creating an object car mycar = new car(); mycar.someMethod is it possible to use a variable instead of mycar? (like for user input) the same way. can we use a variable instead of object name mycar.someMethod ? I want to. creating multiple objects. ask the user if he wants to use an object ask the user for the name of object run the method with the choosen objects please tell me how is it possible?
  2. w3schools is a very good learning platform. but there is a lot that should be added. 1) The online code compiler of w3schools is a very poor quality and low level compiler. you should add features like auto completion, highlite mistakes, multiple files and please make it faster. it is very slow for profassional work. have a look at this compiler. and you will notice the diffrence: visit online gdb 2) we should be able to publish our code on w3schools. there should be a place where we could publish our code. and ask for advise. Thanks faheem-maker
  3. I have been using w3schools for a few time. I decided to create an account so I created one. I was learning python and had already completed 78 exercises. but just as I log in all of my exercises were lost in a second. all 78 exercises have been unchecked. I want to recover all the exercises I had done. can someone help me? if I had to contact staff than I can't find their support email. please tell me how to contact them. Thanks
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