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  1. Codegame for kids can be found here: W3Schools Code Game I guess that can be nice and a little bit tricky yet related to modern programming comcepts: Syncronization: waiting an event avoid an event that happens before continuing, "waiting" is the command. Then programming two animes
  2. in Tryit Editor v3.6 (w3schools.com) (the URL in the link is different than the following one) the statment "document.write" is called by an event and it behaves in a different way than in Tryit Editor v3.6 (w3schools.com) (different URL than previous). In the first test the statement impacts the whole document while in the second one the tag SCRIPT put the statement in the flow, insulating it inside an element of the object DOCUMENT I have anderstood the difference, but... ... does anyone be able to sketch the proper sequence of the document elaboration in both cases to explain what produces the difference? THanks in advance
  3. Some times it was difficult to me to understand how exactly a method or function really worked ("what you get") with elements from outside ("what you see"). So I helped myself exploring with Development tools (F12 on MS browsers, Ctrl+Shift I on Chrome etc.) I don't remember that there is any place where it is explained how to take advantage of them for a better understanding of languages and happenings! I guess that could be nice for learners to have some topics related to them developped and explained!
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