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    <textarea> to XML

    It’s for a PhD. Help
  2. Hello, I can't figure out how to write in an XML. I have an XML <line> <text id="some-id"> some text I want to change </text> <other_elements/> </line> An XSLT - to get this HTML : <html> <head> <script/> </head> <body> <textarea>TEXT I WANT TO SAVE</textarea> <!-- I write in it--> <button onclick="function(id)">clic to save</button> </body> I want to "save" what I have written in the <textarea>in my XML to have <line> <text id="some_id">TEXT I WANT TO SAVE</text> <other_elements/> </line> I don't know how to do it and as I work on only one XML I don't need to create a server... I just want the script to open the XML, change the text in the element, and close it. thank's for the help P.
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