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  1. Hi! I'm new on all this javascript coding world, and currently I am working on a gaming review website. The question I have, is that i've implemented autocomplete on my search field (works great: How To Create Autocomplete on an Input Field (w3schools.com)) and I would like to add that when the user clicks an option the "enter key" is triggered. This is beacause I made my web in a way that you have to write things down, and if you click one of the elements and it writes itself does nothing for me, instead if you press enter when hovering above the item you can select it as if it was a "click" but actually detects also the enter effect as a key so it works fine! So to express myself a bit better: My goal is to click an item of the autocomplete list, and when I do it, the enter key will trigger and my search field will detect the keyboard input. Thanks in advanced!
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