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  1. Hi Ingolme, It might've been activated but whenever I try to log in to the main site to practice java, it gives me the below window and won't let me progress. I've checked my junk mail yet I never received this email.
  2. Hi all, Joined the site learn and master the art of Java and other skills. This is my attempt to changing my career path from the healthcare industry to the technology side. Hoping that Java will be a stepping stone for a more fulfilling career.
  3. Hi, I'm a new user and I signed up to the site to learn Java. After I verified the account the first time, it lets me log in but I can't go any further because, I keep getting this pop up saying: "Please verify email" and "We've sent an email to **********@outlook.com with instructions." But, I never get the email that it says that it sent. Is this a common issue. Side note, I'm using the chrome browser. Thanks in advance
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