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  1. This is good. Like the post
  2. Hi If using .htaccess in root folder to forbid all directories, will effectively prevent all directories from being read by search engines and hide all webpages from search engines?
  3. How to hide html <audio> file from search engines?
  4. Will add, thanx. This is going to be 1 more to checklist as actions to make page invisible. i hope there's a solution to add this for misbehaving search engines and users as well.
  5. Hi, me new user and first post here. It looks like there's plenty of time before I understand the following Question. When you remove all links from main page, search engine can still find your page that has no links on the main page. There's a workaround, but wishing to implement this next technique. http://help.midcompweb.com/webframe_guide/editing_web_pages/unpublish_or_hide_a_web_page/index.asp On this link, on point 1 Hide Web Page in Navigation that's what wanna do. But it's a user interface, which is a paid service and I want to use only basic things I have. So how to hide a page completely when only a person with a link can access it? which is by the way implemented by Soundcloud.com.
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