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  1. Thank you very much.I hope to get some ideas from you in future. Can you send some tutorials which describes how to do it? ... It would be help full.Thanks.
  2. Sorry, I couldn't get the below statement. Can you explain furthermore. For comparison, we charge about $28,800 to produce a 1-hour training course. Most of that is writing and media production...and also can I do it only with using flash or can I integrate flash with .NET. I need further explanation on this. Can you help me out to solve this? Also I would like to get time to time advice from you about interactive training. We are doing interactive learning software NOT ONLINE TRAINING. Its a standalone software. So would it be possible to do it in flash??
  3. Hi all,We are going to develop an interactive learning software which will teach algorithms for students(something similar to typing tutor). We have some background idea on what we are going to do. But we dont have a detailed idea to implement it. Can anybody suggest on how we can implement it? (also we are planning to do it in the .NET platform)... and on some other useful ideas.Here I will give you some more about how we thought on our system. As stated earlier its basically an interactive learning software which teaches algorithms( computer science). In which we are going to develop a standalone software which will have a GUI. Each user can log-in to it and start learning the algorithms. In the learning process we are going to achieve learning each algorithm with a step by step approach. Which comprises of steps such as graphical demonstration of the algorithms, pseudo code, implementation in 3 languages, real applications of that particular algorithm and a graphical visualiser which will compare similar algorithms and display its perfomance and complexity and so on... In between to make learning easier we also going to integrate a quiz system which will evaluate the learner and so on. So We need some help to successfully do this project( hopefully finish this project). If anyone can give some more ideas on the technical side as well as the implementation side, it would be a great thing to all.thanx
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