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  1. I want to create an email signature using HTML and the best way seems to create table like construction.

    However, I do not seem to get it aligned properly.

    When I create the HTML and run it in w3schools it seems to align just fine, but when I copy and paste the signature to use in Gmail, the alignment is all wrong (such as the social icons sticking out at the bottom, instead of aligning with the bottom of the picture)

    Is there something that I'm missing in the code that makes the alignment go off when I copy and paste?

    Help is much appreciated!


  2. I've been using the w3schools editor to create an email signature in HTML. It seems to be working, however, when I send an email to Hotmail and forward it again, some HTML seems to be disappearing. The social icons at the bottom of the signature disappear. And I don't know whether it's something in the code that's causing this or whether that's something Hotmail does.

    This is the code for the signature:  https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=GQ0Z9FFQQFQL


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