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  1. Will do. Another question, can I make a few of my own tables and how can I make them stay and not delete once browser is refreshed? Is that possible. I need a few VERY simple tables to demo SIMPLE joins. This is VERY intro course. Thanks for answering by the way.
  2. Hello All, I'm using this for my class but have issues: 1. Joins - They seem to work sporadically - so not in Firefox but Chrome. Sometimes they error out even in Chrome. Suggestions? 2. I want to make a few tables to illustrate the different joins - right now the tables are not that different so you can join but students don't see the difference. Can I make a few of my own and if so will they stay. Seems to get wiped out when web refreshed. 3. Any suggestions for how to use in my class to make a nicer experience would be SO HELPFUL AND MUCH APPRECIATED! Jill
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