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  1. Hi, im new with HTML and have a question. im working to build an app in Microsoft PowerAppps platform. im using an HTML Text component which is inserted into mail body and sends to the users. i have an issue with the spaces between the tables, while working in the app designer the mails looks as expected: there are 3 tables with a separate header to each table, im using a <p> tag for it. also when the mail is sent, in the outlook preview it looks ok and the headers are placed between the tables.l it is when im openeing the mail where things are becoming wiered, all the spaces between the tables are missing and the headers are pushed to the right side of the mail. if any additional information required i will be happy to provide. thanks in advance. my formulas between the tabkes are as follow: . . . </table> <br> <p><span style='color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: ""Times New Roman"";vertical-align: top; font-size: 25px;'><b>Risks</b></span> </p> <br> <table align=""left"" border=""1"" cellpadding=""1"" cellspacing=""1"" style=""width:1500px""> . . . Screenshots: #1: mail looks ok while in preview mode #2: no spaces between tables and headers are pushed aside
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