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  1. I have to agree. W3schools is great and I've used it to my advantage. I have used a script or two from your examples. In these scripts a w3.css is used. Are these available somewhere? I would like to add parts to my css file.
  2. HI, I'm sorry to have to ask a newbie question, but I cannot explain what's happening. I'm creating a website for a local foundation. On this website I'm using one of your beautiful scripts for a slideshow of the pictures of our events. This works perfectly. Only, I get strange characters on the buttons and I don't know where they come from. When I run the page locally, the buttons are fine and without any additional characters. Can you help me solve this? For an example: https://www.degroenepoortoost.nl/NL/ImpressieBloemperkInzaaien.html
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