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  1. Ok i changed the SQL to Select * FROM BLPSO WHERE BLPSO.SORTDT < #01/01/1930#It does what I want it to do but I would still like to understand the issue better.
  2. ASPNetGuy:That still didn't work. I don't really understand what is happening here but...If I Open Excel and use the SQL Editor I can use this StatementSELECT * FROM BLPSO WHERE BLPSO.SORTDT = '01/01/0001'if I use the wizard then it returns stuff that has a date 01/01/2001If I use DAO in VB6 it also returns stuff that has a date 01/01/2001JustSomeGuy:I couldn't find what I was looking for in that search or any other searchthat I did. I even tried using stuff like "date returned as 01/01/2001 instead of 01/01/0001"Not sure if I'm just missing what I need to see or what.Still don't have it worki
  3. How do you typecast a date to a string?I am trying to search an AS400 database through the ODBC connection for a date of 01/01/0001.If I use this SQL statement it translates the date to 01/01/2001 SELECT * FROM BLPSO WHERE BLPSO.SORTDT = #01/01/0001# If I try to use the following SQL Statement it throws a type mismatch error SELECT * FROM BLPSO WHERE BLPSO.SORTDT = '01/01/0001' Any ideas??
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