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  1. that code works a treat, thanks very much
  2. that's odd, that is the screen resolution I have too, but it definitely gives a horizontal scrollbar on my laptop!!I will view it on other computers and see how it looks!!
  3. my website, http://www.steveredshaw.free-online.co.uk, has an index page made up from a top row frame and 3 column frames set at (20%,*,20%)the middle frame for some of the pages loaded into that frame displays a horizontal scroll bar, but only in IE, not Firefoxthe content of this page does not exceed the frame width at the screen resolution I am using - so why is there a horizontal scrollbar in IE?
  4. I have created a button that will enable the reader of my webpage to download a zip file from my site<button onClick="java script:window.open('relative link to file');">download</button>using IE and Firefox this will open an open/save option windowbut it also, of course, opens a blank webpage, which is a bit inconvenient!is there a script that will enable a file download without opening a blank webpage window?which is the best, most efficient way of enabling a user to download a file? what are the alternatives?
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