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  1. Kahor

    Web Testing

    Hello,It's been a long time since I've posted on the forums but I was wondering what you guys were thinking about web and functionnal testing in general (GUI test, Selenium, Watij...).I know there can be no tutorial on one specific API could that would be stupid, but maybe it'd be interesting to add a page about *edit*automated*edit* web testing in your Web building tutorial, about the basis and the principles behind functionnal testing, how and why etc.This tutorial would be aimed at web applications developers mostly, I think it could be interesting.What does everyone think ?Cheers.
  2. wow...sorry for useless reply but...lol ?EDIT : ok I'll try to be more constructive, - First, this is totaly not HTML/XHTML, you're posting in the wrong forum.- Second : You have to do some work first, they are several ways you could want to do this, I think google do it in javascript and/or ajax but you could use other languages, you gotta get some information and decide how you want to do it then- You have to learn it, nobody will tell you the code straight out for what your asking because :It's too complicated.It's not their job nor the purpose of this forum.
  3. I am really fast (I've seen faster though) but that comes from using computer since I was 10 or so, moreover I very often switch from Mac to PC (bootcamp on mac intel and a ubuntu laptop), so I have both special characters keyboard layouts in mind and can switch without prob, though sometimes I'll mix em up.I started learning the {}[]()...characters when I started programming, practice is everything. On the other hand I've seen people use computer for years and still type with just one finger or two, but they were a bit old You need to keep practicing and make an effort to look on the screen and not on your keyboard.Edit : I just tried a WPM (reading) test with words and number in english (not my first langage) and got 72 WPM (with 6 typos for 5 lines of text), not too bad but I think I could get better in french and in all words (the text was from a classic english book and had some hours and date like 10:09 p.m, or even names I'd never heard of, which is a pain to write ^^)You can try this : http://www.typeonline.co.uk/typingspeed.php to see how fast you are typing, and show off here (I hope it's ok to post this link, totaly unrelated to me in any way)
  4. Hmm, first, your XSLT works if you remove the [2] from <xsl:for-each select="/ProductsDataSet/Mobiles[2]">Also you should probably use <xsl:stylesheet version="2.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform">instead of <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform">For your link, why don't you just put a link tag in XSLT around your <img> ? (or a href as attribute of img, can't remember the correct syntax now)Anyhow, it displays properly when I use your XSLT with those simple correction, shouldn't be a prob for you if you managed to write it this far.
  5. select="substring-after(yourURL,'?') to extract the '1' at the end of the urlBasically it extracts everything in the content of tag yourURL after the character '?'Then put it in a parameter and call it in your select, or directly put it in the select.Can't help more than that cuz your message is a little bit unclear
  6. No, can't overwrite a read only file. Nothing, anything else would be akin to hack, and unless the system is not secure, you won't be able to do it.Read only is used to do specially what you described, you can copy it and then modify it under another name (but the initial file will be left unchanged) or change the file permission, make your changes, and get it back to read only.This is hardly related to XML, and more related to your OS.
  7. What about thisxsl-file: ...<xsl:for-each select="text/p"> <p><xsl:copy-of select="." /></p></xsl:for-each>...
  8. Kahor

    Tables or Css?

    When I say data, I think database.
  9. Kahor

    Tables or Css?

    I didn't read any of the replys but :CSS for designTable for dataThe reasons will become obvious when you start using those two principles, so I don't have to explain anything :)EDIT : and by table for data, I mean dynamicaly generated table for data. Table for forms are also tolerated.
  10. Kahor

    asp.net C#

    asp.net is microsoft through, am I not right ?I think this site only list W3C "recognized" (whatever it means) languages.For this kind of stuff you usually go to microsoft asp.net support site.
  11. The most used program I have seen is Fraps, might not be best but it's pretty well known.
  12. Kahor

    RSS feeds

    *not giving up !*any updates ?
  13. Don't use ...use style attribute or css stylesheetHaven't used in a while but what I remenber is that used to break design depending on the navigator, much better to use CSS for that kind of things
  14. Ok I kinda get it, though I always used my php variables wrapped in '". ."' and not {}(for exemple '".$value."') when used in sql queries, are you still talking about php ? Is my syntax correct and more importantly, secure ? What would be the equivalent NON secure way ?
  15. Not directly related to the OP, but could you give an exemple of what you mean by putting values between quotes in your queries ?One exemple where it's secure, and one where it's not, with a possible exemple of how you could exploit that, if you don't mind, I used to work a lot with php/sql in a school project and am very curious about the subject.If you don't have time/will to explain, a good link would serve a long way too.Thx
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