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  1. That is perfect, thanks for your input with this.
  2. Thanks Ingolme, This is exactly what I was after. Is there a way to apply a toggleNav to each button here also? Essentially creating 3 ways to close the panels: Closing by opening another off-canvas menu (e.g. clicking the 'Menu 2' button) -Addressed above. Closing by the within the off-canvas menu (clicking the '&times' button) - Also working. Closing by clicking the same button ('Menu 1' button) I appreciate your help on this.
  3. Iv applied the W3school Off Canvas Menu to a button. I would like to create multiple buttons which each open there own different off canvas panel. Does anyone know they best/correct way to apply this? I can do this in Bootstrap but id rather not have to deal with the bootstrap customisation and would rather keep, i'm fairy new to JS so im just looking for suggestions to look into at the minute. Any help would be great.
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