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  1. I'll stick around... glad to find ppl willing to help! I code for both Mac and PC... depends on what my clients want. See ya around, and Thanks!!!
  2. Do you know of a mac HTML coding forum that is frequently used? I'd be glad to post it there.
  3. I'm having a challenge fixing a browser rendering issue in Safari on a Mac running OS X. The page shows fine in all other browsers including Firefox on the Mac. However, when viewing the page in Safari, the right bar of the box surrounding the page is pushed out to the right making a slight gap between the top/bottom and right-hand bars. I've posted the link to the page so that you can see for yourself if you are on a Mac w/ Safari: http://www.email-mbsinsight.com/mbs/Testin...stingUnsub.htmlhttp://www.email-mbsinsight.com/mbs/Testing/TestingUnsub.html I've also included a screen shot for those of you who do not have Safari or are having challenges replicating the issue: http://www.email-mbsinsight.com/mbs/Testing/TestingUnsub.jpgAt this point, short of tossing the computer out the window, I'm not sure how to fix this. Any ideas???
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