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  1. Actually I'm not a php developer.I have tried several online decoders but not yet able to resolve it.I think this code is hard to decode.Thanks Ingolme for your attention to decode it.Thanks for Synook to referring to a good resource.
  2. I got a wordpress template for free.But it's footer is encrypted using base 64.I have tried several times to modify it but not succeeded (actually I want to keep credit links to authors) and also add some features to my footer area.Please I much appreciate if any one can decode this footer.Here are the footer code along with other relevant codes.Footer encrypted code: <?php $o="QACgOyhjbnE5Dg0AETsAsCduYzolAIBhaGhzYnUlOQFQRGh3fnVuYAQAb3MnIWQAsDwnOzh3b3cnYmQAAW9oJ2Nmc2IvIF4gLjw4OQGEAAJla2hgbmlhaC8gaWZqYgGjIQYAaWNmdG8DpQInY2J0ZHVud3NuIABoaQKQJzg5KTtldScoOQ07ZgAAJ291YmE6JW9zc3c9KChzaAAAd3B3c29iamJ0KWRoaihidwACdG5raGklJ3Nuc2tiOiUBBCcAMHBodWN3dWJ0dCcC0gIAZnVgYgAJczolWGVrZmlsJTlCA5MnUwTBAAA7KGY5J2NicWJraHdiYydlIAB+JweNcGJlb2h0c25pYGBiYnrhbAfCBUAHQwHAJwHUJwHiAaAG7FBiZU8D82HEQAPxBwENDg4NFyMAdhTycHdYF0MvLmEAPBCQAdBlaGN+EKAob3NqazknDUAAJwAR";eval(base64_decode("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"));return;?> general-template.php page function get_footer( $name = null ) { do_action( 'get_footer' ); $templates = array(); if ( isset($name) ) $templates[] = "footer-{$name}.php"; $templates[] = "footer.php"; if ('' == locate_template($templates, true)) load_template( get_theme_root() . '/default/footer.php');} theme.php page function load_template($_template_file) { global $posts, $post, $wp_did_header, $wp_did_template_redirect, $wp_query, $wp_rewrite, $wpdb, $wp_version, $wp, $id, $comment, $user_ID; if ( is_array($wp_query->query_vars) ) extract($wp_query->query_vars, EXTR_SKIP); require_once($_template_file)} Any help much appreciated.
  3. That is the problem I have.Didn't found a solution yet.greatly appreciate any help.
  4. Thanks for the reply.I tried what you said.But the problem continues.Images within the header and sidebars working fine with both browsers.but images within <p> section not works with internet explorer.I only can see the spaces instead of images with IE.Any solution ?
  5. This is my first professional web site.( http://cnet.lk/ )It created for a person in srilanka.But the images within the main page not view in internet explorer.It works fine with Mozilla Firefox.This code is the first image of the main (index.html ) page.<img alt="dalada maligawa" src="/images/maligawa.jpg" style="height: 180px; width:300px; float:left;"/>This is the style:http://cnet.lk/cglayout.cssI'm very thankful to you if you can give me a solution.Since this is the my first site there are many errors;another one is adding extra line between the navigation items of the left bar.Thanks again
  6. Usually I don't like to create web pages with dreamveaver, but it is a good editing tool.and also I don't like to tables which creates much havoc , instead use <div> with appropriate styles.
  7. All you have to do is go to the blogger help group and ask your problem.Why do you like to blogger ?blogger is like a free web host which has some limitations.If you own a web server space, then the best is wordpress.it is easy to install and use.
  8. newceylon

    clear: both

    I'm always confusing in using 'clear: both'where we should use 'clear: both' ?
  9. As Synook said don't add <p> within <li> tag.It is useless .
  10. Simple and fast way is adding the <p> tag
  11. well done!It's faster and you may have to add some other cool features.
  12. it may be a problem with the "Height" of the page.
  13. If I were you, I probably concern on php as the next step.or xml and AJAX.Usually I don't like to flash.
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