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  1. hello all,on a site I am working on (http://www.ncpersonalinjurylaw.com/php/Adams.php), my third column (the grey one) isn't extending down to the footer on its own. The third column is being called 'right_col' and the CSS specific to that column is:#right_col {/*creates right column on page*/width:155px; padding:0 ;margin:0;background-color:#ccc;color:inherit;float:right;}* html div#right_col {/*creates right column on page, only IE sees this*/width:150px; padding:0 ;margin:0;background-color:#ccc;color:inherit;float:right;}I know that that in itself doesn't tell you much so the full CSS can
  2. yea, using pixels will only work in IE, and that may change in future versions. I might try using percentages for the layout as well.
  3. I am working on a site using exclusively CSS and XHTML. The Url is http://www.fortuneinteractive.com/this is essentially a two column layout site with a header and footer. The problem I am having is that when you resize the text (any browser), the layout breaks, as the right column content drops down. Can anyone point out why this may be happening? Or better yet, how to fix :-)My presumption is that the layout dimensions are fixed (pixel width), and the text is in ems for accessibility, but I could be wrong.Thanks in advance for any assistance on this...-Bruce Gilbert
  4. Hello,on a form page I am testing, the layout isn't doing what I had hoped.the page URL is: http://www.fortuneinteractive.com/Consultation_test.phpand the CSS is http://www.fortuneinteractive.com/CSS/primary.csswhat I had hoped for what the vertical line to extend all the way down to the footer. This does happen in IE, but not in FF. Also in FF the footer is off, and in IE the content for my right column drops down below the form. I believe that there is some code or css in the form causing these issues, b/c when I take this code out, the layout is corrected. I just cannot pinpoint the offendi
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