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    I just opened one at this site sent by jaijim@gmail.com and signed by mignulikz which opened to a porn site. Who has hijacked the forum info?Jim Orrison
  2. I think I stumbled across an answer for this problem. Could it be that I am using Firefox browser and not IE?
  3. I'm trying to absorb as much about the script languages as I can so have looked at JavaScript and am attempting to look at VBScript. Unfortunately when I started the tutorial and looked at the examples forms with the code on the left and the results on the right no results appear. In the JavaScript tutorial I not only got the results but could experiment by modifying the code.Is it possible that my computer does not have the software to handle VBScript? If not, is there a way I can acquire it?Thanks for any assistance you can give this novice.
  4. Thanks guys for the responses.I've gone to the system restore tab and have seen the calendar which shows the dates (bold) which indicate the points in time that the system can be restored to. Unfortunately when I have selected one of these points the computer goes through the girations including the reboot and then I get the message that "My system was not restored". That is what is frustrating me since I know one of the primary objectives of the restore function is to bail a person out that has difficulty when installing new software that didn't load properly. At least I have assumed that
  5. justsomeguy,I hope I'm not butting in to a thread where my question doesn't belong. But this one brought up the topic of restore points. Awhile back I had a problem requiring me to re-install Windows XP Home. I had contacted Microsoft and they sent me the installation discs which supposedly contained everything that was originally installed on my PC based upon model/serial #. Not a bad price at $10.50 including shipping and handling. I hadn't gotten the discs when the unit was purchased because the re-install was supposedly already on the hard drive.Anyhoo, I have not been able to utilize
  6. Hi All. I'm Jim (oyster, hoping to carry pearl of great price), an old fuddy duddy around since Radio Shack's Tandy 48K times. Stepping into modern technology and trying to evolve into the newest generation of developers. I'm hoping to find some "canes" to help me walk through the transition. Thanks in advance.
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