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    PHP Editors...

    Hi all, just getting into php, and was wondering what program(s) you use when editing/creating php scripts. I have wrote some very basic test scripts (from a book) using NOTEPAD...and find it ok, but it woud be nice if different text colors could be used to make the layout easier to work with What program do you use ??Many thanks Matt.
  2. MattUK

    Shopping cart

    I appreciate your advice guys, thank you.Well as you know I am progressing through XHTML and CSS, I am now going be learning PHP and MySQL using Apache server, hopefully to set up a shopping cart for a site I am working on Well 2 days ago I had no idea about PHP, MySQL or Apache...and finally today I got all them all setup on my pc running windows XP, I have to say there is alot of information out there...too much when it comes to setting these programs up, the real pain I had was getting MySQL to work...hours of searching, I finally found a site with the EXACT info need to get MySQL working on my machine : I hope this helps anyone going through the motionshttp://www.devarticles.com/c/a/Apache/Inst...nder-Windows/1/I picked 2 books today from PC World (PHP 5 by MIKE McGRATH and All in one PHP, MySQL and Apache) so this should give me a good start ....I have far toooo much time on my hands Any recommendations ?Again, thanks for the help and advice Matt.
  3. MattUK

    Shopping cart

    Hi Scott,Excellent, that's exactly what I need...my journey starts here.. Thanks for your time Scott Matt.
  4. MattUK

    Shopping cart

    Thanks very much for the replies, I plan to add a shopping cart to a site, I understand that I need the following to get me going:PHP, for server scripting ?MySQL, for database ?APACHE, to run PHP scripts ????When I find the download pages for the software...its rather confusing which software I actually need to run on windows XP, I have read the pages and I am still unsure which exact software versions I should be running, I noticed when choosing to download the apache software, windows xp users need to install service pack 1...erm what, what's that all about If I could be a real pain in the backside..could anyone give me a direct link to the downloads for each file because I am lost Any help guys would be greatly appreciated Matt
  5. MattUK

    Shopping cart

    Hi all, I am currently learning XHTML and CSS, but I need to build a complete shopping cart for a site that I will be building,How do I start to make my own shopping cart ? do I need to start learning ASP/PHP, I do want to build my own from scratch , which should be a good learning curve.any pointers would be greatly appreciated Thanks very much for your time Matt.
  6. MattUK

    Divs sizes

    Thanks Boen_robot, I did try the width and height method but the div was changing shape, I have just tried the over flow and it works perfectly...Thanks very much Thank you.Matt.
  7. MattUK

    Divs sizes

    Hi all,quick question.I am playing around with some basic templates and I am just getting into CSS and using divs also, my question is when I give dimensions to the div, I put my content in (text) but the div changes shape with the text..which I dont want? How do I lock the width and height of a div so that it will not change shape at all ?Thanks for your time Matt.
  8. Hi AllCan any smart person work this out.the text select wont select in this form.http://www.ouroborosgallery.com/linksbybreed.htmlIt says error on page, I think the text should be in text boxes, but dont want to put the text in a text box.Good Luck Thanks very much for your time.Matt.
  9. Thanks for the Wecome real_illusions I have little experience with html, and have just bought 2 books on X/HTML and CSS which should give a good start.Oh while I am here.....whats with the FIREFOX browser...why should I be using it and not Explorer ? I have been using explorer for a while now and never had any problems? is firefox better ?.....be gentle....I am a newbie.Again thanks for the replies Illusions, Dale Matt.
  10. Looking for some advice on starting to desgin a web site/page templates. whats the best way to start...design with pen paper first ?how do you construct your page/site layout ??Many thanks Matt.
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