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  1. Hi SillyBilly,Sorry, I was off to learn CSS from other place. That's how it is with web surfer. I just came back to the w3 Schools site and tried your test and it worked brilliantly. Thanks man. So are they missing something with the lessons? Cheers,Ocaencolour5.
  2. Hi,I think in the lesson's example, I can't replace the image with the one of my choice on the "edit the text and click me" tab which I found a bit odd, or It's me. This also happend in HTML lessson.Cheers,Oceancolour5.
  3. HI,I don't have a webpage. I am Just testing out the lesson's example by replacing the background image on the lesson with the one on saved on my pc desktop. It showed white blank frame. If you look at the CSS lesson on background and replace it with the image of your choice, you will know what I meant.Cheers,Oceancolour5.
  4. Hi,I am learning the CSS and stuck at CSS background. On example 2: Set image as background. <html><head><style type="text/css">body {background-image:url('bgdesert.jpg')}</style></head><body></body></html>I wanted to replace with my own image in my pictures folder ( like IMG_3760) and it didn't work. I think it has to do with the URL but I don't know how. I needed help so I can move on to the next lesson. Thanks. Dien.
  5. I am confused and probably not understanding about the CSS syntax lesson, there seem to have many writing ways for the same result. Can you please high light the best way of doing it.Cheers,Dien.
  6. The link below is to the first site that I used to learn how to created a web site. It is a tut from a college. It is well written and explained. Some of the HTML code isdeprecated, but it is the best for your purposes.The w3schools examples made much more sense after I worked through the tut. I finished CSS and am now learning JavaScript at a site other than W3schools for the same reason.Webpage Tutorial<{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks all,Esp. thanks Silly Billy for the tutorial link. I guess all the boring example had driven me away after few HTML lessons. It only made sense after s
  7. Hi,I tested the My First CSS - Step 1 on both windows and mac. It worked on the mac. But on windows XP, the image was replaced by a blue question mark instead, and the same after I tried to put in my own pic file in.Dien.
  8. Hi,Your web design tutorials are better than many others out there. But I like to have more interactive hand on practical exercises along the lessons.I studied all the basic HTML lessons and I wish the lessons could be based around a website project and build up the website with the lessons along the way by adding new thing to the website. And, at the end of the course you have a beautiful website ready to publish on the web. at the moment, all the lessons are more like good source of reference.Regards,Dien.
  9. Hi,I went through the basic lessons on HTML with the W3school. I would like to buy the Microsoft Frontpage and give it a go to build my web site using what it has. Do you think if I am ready for the task or I will waste my money. And which one is easier; the Frontpage or Dreamweaver?Thanks,Oceancolour5.
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