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  1. I've been trying this over and over but still no luck. I have a text file which basically contains 3 numbers:111What I want to do is read the file, take the top line add one to it and overwrite so it becomes211 $alert_line = array();$alert_file = 'internal/alerts.txt'; $alert_txt = fopen($alert_file, 'r+'); while(!feof($alert_txt)) { $alert_line[] = fgets($alert_txt); } //fclose($alert_txt); $alert_orders = $alert_line[0] + 1; //$alert_txt = fopen($alert_file, 'r+'); fwrite($alert_txt, $alert_orders."\n".$alert_line[1]."\n".$alert_line[2]); fclose($alert_txt); ?> At
  2. How would I go about opening and editing a text file which is stored in the main domian example.com fom my subdomain admin.example.com?
  3. Well no, but is there a way of doing this with it?
  4. I have a div, which has other divs inside. But the divs inside have been placed using absolute positioning, it means that the parent div does not stretch to fit all of the absolute divs inside. <div style="position: absolute;"><div style="position: absolute; top: 500px;"></div></div> I need to make the main div at the top stretch to fit in all of its inner divs.
  5. I'm trying to get a popup to occur if you add '_popup' to the end of any url for my site. RewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /RewriteRule ^home$ index.php?page=home [nc]RewriteRule ^about$ index.php?page=about [nc]RewriteRule ^support$ index.php?page=support [nc] After these first rewrites, is it possible to rewrite it again e.g. RewriteRule ^([a-z]+)_popup$ index.php?page=$1&popup=1 <<<<---- only if it passes the first rewrite?
  6. Well as it works fine in other browsers, I can still use the faded affect for them. As for IE, there will be no fading affect, as it won't even support opacity: in CSS. Which is confusing, why can't it be the same like everyone else.
  7. Oh right yea sorry, I thought you mean play with their opacity to achieve the better image. And yea you could be right, my images fade in. Now that's annoying, it will ruin the nice look and feel of my site. I guess I need a huge warning sign to get people off IE as soon as the page loads up.
  8. Yea, that was a fix for IE6. They say that IE7 and 8 supports alpha transparency. Has anyone saved PNGs for the web on photoshop before? The thing is, I'v got some PNGs that work fine (smaller ones), but these are 100px x 100px and they show up looking like that.
  9. No, it's just placed there. It's a 24bit PNG with transparency, if you wanted to know.I'v heard of PNG bugs in IE6, but this is IE8!
  10. I don't know if it's my settings or the image properties but some PNG images with transparency look ugly in Internet Explorer 8.The image on the left is IE and the right is firefox.Does anyone know any settings that are required for the PNG files?
  11. I think I have it! I'll post it for anyone who might need it when I clean it up.
  12. It would be difficult because I have 2 fluid columns. I'v got to find a way to somehow balance a static 777px wide column in between them.
  13. I'v seen that, but that's not quite what I want. Unusually I need a static center width, and 2 fluid sides, opposite to the holy grail layout. The reason for this is because I have an large image as the page background, which I can't actually stretch. Basically the website will be the same size whatever the screen res.
  14. Well I feel that tables are so underrated these days. You can't (not yet anyway) create a 3 column page layout with a static center column and 2 fluid side columns using only css. I think a table with 3 columns isn't going affect my site's performance.
  15. I'v decided to use a 3 column table layout. Any disadvantages of this? It seems alright.
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