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  1. Thanks people. I went with server side includes being .html files containing well... html I am making a PHP copy of the page with multiple forms which save the input into the named .html files. It may sound odd but is seamless when running and fills my need for user editable content with restrictions. Thanks Mark
  2. I think your rates.jpg image is pushing your cell sizes up. Add a border =1 and you will see what I am trying to say
  3. I have a page made up of cells containing text such as 'Name', 'Age', 'About'.At the moment I use three .htm files and the SSI <!--#include virtual="name.htm" --> for each cell of info. How can I use one file and direct the right info to the right table cell?The idea is to allow my friends to upload a simple text file to change information on their pages when they wish.Thanks for any directionMark
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