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  1. Basically, I work on middleware area ( SAP XI to be precise). Now, soap adapter in SAP XI doesn't allow you to manipulate SOAP Header and hence to call any webservice which has a custom soap header (say for authentication purpose), I might have to utilize "nosoap" mode.I was looking for any webservice which uses custom soap header (for authentication or any thing else), so that I can run some sample scenarios and fix on a solution.So the soap requestr will look something like...<SOAP:Envelope> <SOAP:Header> <CustomTag1>fddgg</CustomTag1> <CustomTag2>udu
  2. Hi,To verify some concepts, I was trying to find a freely available web service which has got "Custom SOAP Header". I don't want to host a web service, as I don't have any application server on my system. Please direct me to some existing webservices which uses the soap headers.Best Regards,Rahul
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