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  1. Hey guys, I am attempting to update a wordpress theme to make my content area take up more of the screen real estate. RIght now it has such a small area in the middle.I would like to see a 10% margin on either side of the content and navigation bars. with the side bar appropriately placed next to the content as you would expect it to be.I am making my adjustment in a secondary stylesheet that would replace values in the original on wordpress, but I am having a hard time getting the pieces where they need to be. One adjustment screws up the navigation bar, while another moves the sidebar either
  2. I have a question about the XML. I will admit, I havent spent a ton of time trying to find the answer to this now because I've looked into it in the past with no luck, which is why I never really started using XML to begin with. But I feel like it would be the best option for a site I want to create, and I just need a few clarifications on how to use it.I think I understand the basic structure of an XML document, and all the tags you can create. But my question is once you create the structure, or Schema, What do you do with that to easily insert data. Say I have a simple structure like this&
  3. Hi, I am currently building a portfolio using the drag and drop design software wix. I have tried coding it myself in dream weaver but I always get hung up the design. So What i want to do is get the basic ideas of the site with the WIX program, and then recreate it myself in dreamweaver as there are some things that the program can not do that I would like. My problem has been in the design process though. I always read to code repeating items in separate files so you only have to change one file if something changes. Things like the header, footer, navigation, ect.My question is, what is the
  4. Ok, So i am so very close to making a PHP based photo gallery that pulls data from a database and auto generates the various sections. I am having difficulty getting the final part to work though and I think I can do it with javascript to avoid more sql request, but I am having problems of course. Here's what I have so far, then I'll explain what I'm trying to do:This is the current result: http://jonsonlineportfolio.site40.net/Projects.php <style type="text/css"><!--li { color: #FFFFFF; list-style-type: none;}--></style><link href="webdesign.css" rel="stylesheet" type="
  5. hey guys, I am experimenting with a possible new idea for a gallery using php and CSS, since I cant figure out how to program in action script. Currently I am pulling data from a database with php and formating it into a list that I hope I may be able to convert into what I need later. It almost works except for the fact that once it goes through one project type, I can't figure out how to make it go back and do the same sequence but with the next project type. Every for or while loop i try just repeats the sequence using the same project type again opposed to the next one in the list. The pag
  6. So I re worked my navigational menu and I almost have it figured out. Two issues I am having though are getting the second layer of links to stay put while my mouse moves to its location. Currently since there is a gap in between the 1st set of links and the second, the mouse can't get to the second layer of links without them disappearing. I would really like it even more if I can have the active link set stay put if a page from that link set is loaded. The second issue I am having, though also closer to being solved, is dealing with Internet explorer. The second layer of links do not show up
  7. jcc5018

    Php Navigation

    nevermind I figured it out.This is what I did for anyone else who may want it.Each link gets written to post a variable for example:<a href="?page=main">The red changes depending on the link.Then I created a separate file to create switch statements. You have to use the GET statement first to pull the variable from the URL. Then for each case, it includes the actual link to the file I want loaded. <?php$page=$_GET['page'];switch ($page){case "main":include "home/main.htm";break;case "history":include "home/history.htm";break;case "news":include "home/news.htm";break;case "books":in
  8. jcc5018

    Php Navigation

    hey guys, I recently managed to just about figure out the CSS based navigation system for my site, though its not quite done. But now I need to figure out how to link it to the pages. My idea was that instead of having each link set using a regular href set, Each link would instead be defining a variable. For example the home link would be defined something like <?php $page="home/main.htm"; ?> while another link could be <?php $page="home/history.htm"; ?>Then on the page that this navigation is on, it would include the various files with a statement such as <?php include($page);
  9. So i think I have solved the mystery of placing the bars at different levels, but I am still having a problem with a few things. http://php.scripts.psu.edu/jcc5018/testindex.phpFirst, How would I position the 1st level bar so it is always aligned right next to the logo on the site. Currently I tried putting in a fixed position, but that will change depending on the browser size.second, I am still having trouble making this work in IE and I'm not sure how to fix it. IE doesnt display the appropriate background, and the submenus include another text box with the word false in it. Third, I had to
  10. Actually I have already been to the cssplay site, (thats how i figured out to call it a drop line menu actually. This example here is very similar to what i want to accomplish http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/pro_dropline6.html with a few things that Id have to change though. For example his menu has two different colors for the 2nd layer and im not sure why that is, and I feel its missing a JS code that changes the current class to the proper page. I attempted to copy his settings into my own file along with a few other tutuirals i have found but I have been unable to achieve the same results.
  11. Hey guys, I am working on my navigational links for my website again ( I still havent found the best method to do it yet that i can make work) but this time I am trying to make a CSS based list with the SpryMenubuilder in Dreamweaver. Well I\'ve been playing around with it for hours and I\'m almost there, but still having some issues with some things.The link to the navigation so far is at http://www.personal.psu.edu/jcc5018/test2.htmlCheck http://www.personal.psu.edu/jcc5018/start.htm for references to locations that I will be refering to. My Problem areas are:1. I can\'t get the second and t
  12. Hey guys, I am still attempting to figure out a good solution for building a dynamic flash display of my personal autoCAD work for an online portfolio. Since I have a little PHP and SQL experience, I am thinking that maybe I could create a database with SQL and using PHPmyadmin to access it. I have some questions regarding the database design though. The structure so far is as followsProject_type: Type, Type_shortcut, CommentProject: ID,Type, Title, Project_type, program_used, Size, Features, Skills_learned, work_left, commentPicture: Project_ID, Title, Caption, LocationThe questions I have ar
  13. Hey I am going be attempting to make a Flash picture viewer in order to display my architecture projects I've been making over the years. I attempted to code something basic before, but it became difficult in dealing with the multiple images and making them thumbnails and such. I have found tutorials before on using actionscript to call up the data in an XML file, but I dont really know the best way to make this file. I ended up downloading Liquid XML studio to help with the coding and I think I figured out how to make a schema for the xml file, though i'm not really sure what it is or what to
  14. Hey guys, I am working on trying to rebuild my website to make it a little cleaner and I am still having problems with my header/ navigational system. I want something that will be constant among all pages. I created a nice set of horizontal links using fireworks which has the UP/ Over/ Down/ and Down over state and it automatically imports a code that handles the roll over function. unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out how to set it up so that the active link will display depending on the page loaded. My plan is to make the header a separate php file that can be included into eac
  15. well, im not sure but the values for the scores might be registering but for some reason neither the score page or the create user page is allowing any data to be entered into the database. it is able to pull data from the database but it wont insert into it.
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