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  1. id0

    Schema for this XML

    yep, i also thought about making an xsd in php using the "entete" content to check if all the <item> element are well done. I'll try that tomorrow since i 've worked on something else today
  2. id0

    Schema for this XML

    thank you boen_robot, i'll validate my xml Through a PHP script then
  3. id0

    Schema for this XML

    hi, i'm new to xml schema and i don't see a way to validate my xml file.here is 2 xml sample : <liste> <entete> <colonne name="filename" /> <colonne name="size" /> </entete> <item> <filename>File 2</filename> <size>14523</size> </item> <item> <filename>File 3</filename> <size>5901</size> </item></liste> and <liste> <entete> <colonne name="filename" /> <colonne name="size" /> <colonne name="date" /> <colonne name="info" /> </entete> <item> <filename>File 2</filename> <size>14523</size> <date>01.01.01</date> <info>new file</info> </item> <item> <filename>File 3</filename> <size>5901</size> <date>02.02.02</date> <info>old file</info> </item></liste> i need an XSD that can validate both xml and i don't see how to do that as u can see the attribute "name" on the "colonne" element gives the element name inside item element.any help is welcome, i'll continue searching for a solution on the web anyway.thks
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