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  1. Thanks all !!! <blushes furiously> If it had been a brick, I would have stubbed my toe!BBB
  2. Hi,The following code acts like relative positioning instead of absolute. The first image is positioned at left:280px; top:560px but the second image is positioned at 0,0 but instead of being positioned at the upper left corner of the page, the image is positioned at the upper left of the first image, just like a relative position. Originally, I did not have the size of the DIV in the code, but it made no difference as well.Thanx,BBBCODE:<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> <div id="specials" style="position:absolute; left:280px; top:560px; width:516px; height:29px; z-index:1"> <IMG src=
  3. Thanks all, I've fixed it. I changed the code from a POST to a GET and added the parms in the URL. BBB
  4. Hi again, I'm trying to send a parm to a cgi file from an imagemap and while the link works, no parm gets through. This is for a real estate web page that has each property lot as an imagemap. The idea is to differentiate the lots by using the parm to ID the lot to the cgi file.Is what I'm trying to do even possible?Thanks,BBBHere is my current code where I'm trying to send two hidden parms and one (input="L2F3") within the imagemap. I have no problem in connecting to the cgi file, just that no parms are passed.<form action="/cgi/inputParmTestFinal.cgi" method="post"><input type="
  5. D's-Dad,Thanks for the SPAN suggestion, I'll try that in a little while. Regarding 398 warnings. What's that? The site is brand new as last week we had to evacuate off of a hosting company that was utterly unresponsive. I plan on running the code through the W3 Validator and hopefully that will fix a bunch of the errors.Regarding the forms, there is only one form (submitted by many different properties), and each property passes the it's variables to a single cgi program that displays them in a consistent format.Thanks agian,BBB
  6. D's-Dad,Thanks for your reply, if I add the input tag like you suggested, I get a text box that is a text input box, but not what I'm looking for. In fact I don't even know if what I want is possible.If you go here: http://www.prospectnewtown.com/cgi/properties.cgiYou will see alternating rows of property descriptions and if you click on either the light or dark gray background you will be directed to a detail page, but if you mouse over the text, the link goes dead.What I want is to have the text (i.e. 2015 Ionosphere) to work just like the gray backgrounds. Is is such a thing possible and
  7. For what it's worth, I always use a "post" as I think that a "get" makes a URL that looks shabby - it might work, but looks cheap.BeachBumBill
  8. Hi,I have a page that has a graphic (placed w/ a DIV) and I've made it an input to a form. Now with another DIV I want to place some text on top of the previous graphic and make the text also an input to the form. The idea is that if a viewer clicks on the text or the graphic, they will submit the form. BTW - This is done inside a cgi script.Here is the graphic DIV (which works just fine):<form action="/cgi/indiv_listing1.cgi" method="post"><input type="hidden" name="property" value="$address"><input type="hidden" name="property" value="$imagedata"> <div id="1_gray_
  9. Hi, I've just created a page with an image (jpg) and whenever I move the mouse over the image, I get this rectangular icon in the upper RH corner that is for Save, Print, email etc.Is there any way to get rid of this icon?Thanks,BeachBumBill
  10. Thanks! I will give it a try and see what happens. BBB
  11. Hi,I recently took over a partially developed site that is based on tables. The owner is very particular about the fonts used in the site, so I made most of the pages as images and sliced them up for tables to display. I then made some of the cells active by making them buttons/links to other cgi based pages.My current efforts seem to work just fine, but of course the Validator pukes when it comes across the multiple forms in a table.I plan on redoing the site with CSS after the site is up and running, but need to get the thing published soon. I tried to split the table into multiples each
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