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    Ok so now that I just put an image for the main page of my site, and i want to make it as a hyperlink that once u click you can acsse the rest of the page like the main menu. Im working atm with <html><head><style type="text/css">body{ background-image:url('http://i34.tinypic.com/2ryrsl2.jpg');background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:fixed;background-position:center; background-color:black;}</style></head></html> for the first part but now the image i wnt to make it hyperlink, so, do I need to put <a href="lastpage.htm"><img border="
  2. thanks for the link, imma read AGAIN lol, CSS and see wut i missedbtw I was using the search to find if my question was before asked, and thts why im like only focusing on tables or frames..my bad there :)and with the templates, imma try that aswell and see how it goes
  3. ok so if now i get it here, why i didnt understand most of that in the actual page? thanks for that, let me see if it helps
  4. ok ive been reading it for more than a week now, and theres somethings i still dont get like on html idk if its me, but i didnt quite capture is theres a way todo a layout ( even a simple 1 ). and on css i only read u coyuld do it by frames or tables, dont remeber wich________________________Longinthe way u suggest i belive could be good, but i havent tried slicing in PS, and the image ready part maybe a little hard since i only have the PS CS3 and it didnt come with image ready. now forget i know PS, between frames, tables or any other way, can u guys specify a little better, on how to do a s
  5. thank alot i downloaded HTML-Kit and its a lil better than Notepad.I like the colors, and good to preview it without opening the bbrowser.
  6. since im here new and all, I was trying t practice doing my first webpage.ok now, i had an idea to do like an image ( wich i can do, i know photoshop )and u hit the image like a image hyperlink thing and therre u acsses my page.so any1 know what i need to do i do once i make the image/banner type of thing if i want it on the center of the page. any1 know the coding i need to type?heres the image im thinking of usinghttp://i34.tinypic.com/2ryrsl2.jpgand second i was wondering what is the best way to start a layout, with tables or frames?if theres another way let me know.....-TY
  7. so for beginners you guys would say Notepad at first? Or should I try something better?If so list the best beginners Program to use.-TY
  8. Name - JavierPlace - Puerto Rico, Caribbean PrideAge - Still a youngster 17Future - Become a Web Designer and Comp GraphicsPassion - Online Gaming like WoW.New here imma take some high school courses on fall of Java, CSS and Wed Desing, so wanted to learn a bit more here.If theres anythinh you guys recomend in order like after HTML/CSS I would appreciate it.-God Bless
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