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  1. Hello,Ok so this loop is the loop that will execute forever. The loop itself is self explanitory on what it should do. I just cant catch what is making it not break ever. If anyone can help me out that would be great. The loop code is posted below. while($_SESSION[ohealth] > "0" && $_SESSION[health] > "0" && $_SESSION[ohealth] != "0" && $_SESSION[health] != "0"){ if($_SESSION[turn] == "0") {#######User Turn########$num = math.rand(1,20);$a = $_SESSION[att_t] * $num;$attack = $a - $_SESSION[odef_t];$health = "$_SESSION[ohealth]";$h = $health - $attack;$_SESSION[oh
  2. Thank you and yes it was I was supose to be using the ftp functions and not the regular functions for file control. It works now. Thank you,Youngwebmaster
  3. Hello,I am writting a script to create a new directory. Very simple but I cant figure out why it isnt working. Here is the script: <?#$ndir = "$_POST[ndir]";#if($ndir != ""){mkdir("$ndir");}?> Thanks in advance,YoungwebmasterOh, also I am trying to do the same thing with creating a new file and this script goes like this: <?#$nfile = "$_POST[nfile]";#if($nfile != ""){$handle = fopen("$nfile","a");}?>
  4. Ok i've implemented the things you all have said. It works now. Thanks for everything.-Youngwebmaster
  5. Dang it. Umm one last problem I ran into if you dont mind. I get a new error now "mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in inbox.php on line 27";. How do I fix that? I've never seen it before.
  6. o. haha now i see it. thanks. i feel kinda embarrest and blind. but thanks.i appreciate it.
  7. Hello,I'm writting a basic script to get some information out of a database table. The script name is inbox.php. Here is the error im getting: (directory modified for security): "Parse error: parse error in inbox.php on line 57". But i was looking and i cant find the error. Please help. <?session_start();?><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"><html><head><title>Entertainment Zone!!!</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"></head><body><p><h1>EZ Messenge
  8. Ok I have now downloaded fiddler. I ran the script and it came up in the fiddler program. It was in red. But im not sure how to use the fiddler program to help me with my error.
  9. ok disregard that last post. Ok here are the errors the IE debugger gave me:Converting backslash in URI to slashEscaping malformed URI reference
  10. Ok, so first off i'd like to say im srry for not being a big part of the board during the last few months. With school and sports I did not do very much free time things on the computer. ok sooo anyway. Here is what i'm workin on...I'M makin a little project to play music. It's not a very complicated idea. But here is my problem. when play_media.php gets the song path it doesnt play anything (the player(when play is clicked) plays nothing). altho i've tested the paths and they lead to the song files. A side note for that, its only when the play_media.php script gets a full path (when it gets a
  11. Ok. I added doctype and took out language=javascript. But i still get the same result. Anything else i can do?
  12. Hello,I have a page that has 2 "team selections" on it. just 2 radio sets. Now when it is submitted it is supose to validate() and see if team1 is equal to team2. if it is, it is supose to stop the submission and alert(). And if team1 is not eqaul to team2 then it should carry on as directed. But right now it does not seem to validate(). Even when i set both team1 and team2 to the same value it does not stop the submission and it submits to the start.php script. I'm not sure why it is not stopping me. Please help me!here is the code: <html><head><title>Hockey</title>&l
  13. Thank you Wander and jlhaslip for helping me. My script works now.But now i have a different problem. I have a script somewhat like this. It enters info into a mysql database and it is supose to auto-increment the column titled "id". But it doesn't increment. It just sets every entry id to 0? The script is posted below. Please help me yet again. <?session_start();if(($_SESSION[username] == "") ||($_SESSION[password] == "")){header("location: login.phtml");exit;}?><?################Add date################$connection = @mysql_connect('localhost','user','pass') or die(mysql_error());$
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