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    Date picker

    Hi everyone,I'm using some script that i found on the internet. It's a Date picker, really good, but i need one small addition to it. I'm not familiar with javascript, so i cannot do it myself. Basically, what i have here is a booking engine. The user selects the "starting date"and what i want is that the "ending date" automatically changes to a week later from the starting date. Here's the code: /*********************************************** Fool-Proof Date Input Script with DHTML Calendar by Jason Moon - webmaster@moonfam.net ************************************************/// Customizabl
  2. Well, here's the answer to my (stupid) question: I was copying the wrong files. Only to defence my self, here's what happened. I saved my webservice to a directory, C:\My Appl\MywebserviceI also had it in C:\inetpub\wwroot I was opening the webservice from C:\My Appl\Mywebservicebut it was being saved to C:\My Appl\Mywebservice. Naturally, I was copying the webservice from C:\My Appl\Mywebservice and paste to webserver. All files there were still dated as 2006! Fortunately i discovered my mistake a minute before throwing my pc out of the window!!! So for anyone else having the same problem,
  3. Hi! I have this webservice which I setup in my webserver. I made some changes in my copy in my computer and I want to update my webservice in the webserver.I overwrited the webservice, deleted it and re-configured it in IIS but nothing worked. When trying to test itI still get the old version Is there any file that I have to delete? What should I do?Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your reply jesh. I don't think that web services work in this way though. Correct me If I'm wrong but I think I cannot control the way dates are captured since I'm not the one developing the consumer. The only thing I could do is having three fileds for year, month, days like you suggested.
  5. I have a webservice with several functions. One function requires a parameter of type date. When testing my webservice I realised that this date should be given in no other format than YYYY-MM-DD. I would like to make a conversion function that will take as parameter the date and convert it to the above mentioned format. My problem is that I don't really know how the user will type the date. Could be: YYYY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY etc. Actually, a user while testing, gave the following date: YYYYMMDD. Is there any conversion function that I can use?
  6. You caould also use a template as your layout and adjust all your page to that template.Dreamweaver offers a nice solution to that.
  7. Can I pass variables to a file that I run directly from my computer? Like: C:\test.html?x=5 I don't want to use any kind of server including the IIS.
  8. it9888

    SQL problem

    I solved my problem. For anyone facing the same proble in the future, here's the solution: Use '# #' for the dates in your SQL statement when using Access. Really stupid ha? I forgot to use a couple of # and I spent a whole day trying to figure out what was wrong. Have a nice day ev1!
  9. it9888

    SQL problem

    I have a web service and in one web method i use the following SQL: SELECT Distinct RGR.Rate_Code, RGR.Scale_Name, RGR.Rgr_Group, RGR.Rgr_RateBuy, RGR.Rgr_Excess, RGR.Rgr_RateSell, Scale.Scale_Days, Gr.Gr_Code, Scale.Scale_ToDays, Supplier.Vat_Code, Supplier.Supplier_Country, Supplier.Supplier_Name, RGR.Rgr_GrSipp, Gr.Gr_VehType, Rate.Rate_FromDate, rate.Rate_Level, rate.Rate_EndingDate, Supplier.Supplier_City, Rate.Curr_Code, Gr.Gr_VehEngSize, Gr.Gr_VehAC, Gr.Gr_VehCLS, rate.Rate_Type, Gr.Gr_VehDoors, Gr.Gr_VehpPWS, Gr.Gr_VehABG, Gr.Gr_VehRC, Supplier.Supplier_Code, Gr.Gr_VehSeat, Gr.TheftEx
  10. it9888

    Loading external url

    I haven't thought of that. I will ask about it, thanx jesh! Otherwise I will use frames and try to be happy about it! Thank you all!
  11. it9888

    Loading external url

    I need to display a form that is hosted on another site. I tried using asp in a frame, I named that frame as something.asp but when I call my frameset, I get a message "Do you want to open 'something.asp' or save it in your computer", like I'm downloading a file. I haven't used frames before, and I would rather avoid using them but If this is the only method I will go for it. Any suggestions?
  12. I think that you need to check If there's a value in the table before trying to retrieve it.This works for me but I'm using vbscript. If not recordset.EOF then.........End if Try finding something similar.
  13. Hi ev1,I have a problem and I would appreciate your help.I'm developing a website for car rentals. This website gets a booking form from another website.I need to load this booking form in my website. How can I do that? If i use framesets and load the url then I think I can't have asp written in my frames. I do not want to use popup windows since I want the booking form to be displayed in the index page when loaded. What other options do i have? Please help!!!!
  14. Thanks jesh,I will try that and let you know.I really appreciate your help.
  15. Hi all,I hope you can help me with this one. I have a public function in a web service and i need to pass some parameters in it. Some of them are optional and some are not. How do i define that some of my parameters are optional? Here's my code: <WebMethod(Description:="")> _ Public Function ShowReservation(ByVal myusername As String, ByVal mypassword As String, ByVal MyResNo As String, ByVal FromDate As Date, ByVal ToDate As Date) As DataSet Dim objConn As New OleDbConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("DSN")) Dim objDA As OleDbDataAdapter Dim objDS As New DataSet Dim SqlS
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