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  1. i feel soooo stupid.. sorry but thanks
  2. hello, I'm having this problem and i can't figure it out. So i hope you can help me. I'm building a website wich contains three frames a top one, left and right. now i have navigation bar in the top frame with several buttons. I would like to change the two other frames when a button is clicked. iv'e tried to ude the ridirct line but it keeps redirecting forever so that doesn't work....any ideas?Thanks!
  3. thanks for all the feedback:) ofcourse i coud flip the immage and use that but I was purely curious if it was posible. a principal thing to save loading time. i managed to do it, but found out that not all browsers could handle it. so used a flipped immage. but thanks anyway! keep on coding!!
  4. hello, i've posted this post also at the html section, and someone told me i might find the answer to my question in JS.i'd like to display a immage upside down. As i use this immage twice in a site it only has to load one time and this way increase loading time. so my questions is, is there somone who can help me whit this problem?thank you in advance!
  5. ok, Thank you i'll try to find a script somwhere.if anyone else has an idea please be my guest thanx!
  6. Hello, I have this problem and i can't figure it out. So I hope you guys, could help me. This is my problem, i'm making a website witch contains several images, but due to loading speed i would like to use one image twice. so far no problems ofcourse , But i like to have one of those two image upside down, and i can't find anywhere how to do this in HTML (or any thing else). I figured that if i use the same immage but upside down it only has to load one immage and not two. I hope you understand what i mean, English is not my best language... Thanks in advance!
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