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  1. It looks like there are differences between a WAMP and LAMP installation
  2. Say just thinking here, and wondered, is there a way to tell how many times a css file has been called? I know there's ways to see how many times a html page has been viewed, but how about the css file?Is there any reason/downfall I shouldn't link to a css file on my own server for example, if I create websites and put a link to my own site at the bottom but the css for it on my own server. Hence, I could change the font at any time or colour? It would be a fairly small file if that makes a difference.
  3. I've removed the @ symbol as suggested earlier. The mail script is still working on my normal server, but not on the client server. I've tried to add in the other injections stuff, although I'm not sure that's working yet. The main thing I want to try is to get the thing working first. Any ideas?
  4. Cheers for your help. I use the form to call this mail script but it has the e-mail address for the "to" already filled in. Does this still mean it's subseptible to attacks?
  5. I noticed Your page is too wide. You should try to eliminate the scrollbar at the bottom so that you don't have to scroll left and right. This is a key usability issue.
  6. uaintgotthisid

    Layout Issue

    definitely use CSS (divs) instead of the Table design you have created.search for "3 column css layouts" and "css float" to get the positioning as you want it. May I finally add that it looks like what you're trying to achieve would be better completed in a CMS such as Joomla (other CMS are available). Take my word for it if you're going to be selling products online a CMS will be fairly useful, and it's not that hard once you get going!
  7. One final thing which may be of use.When I want to make sure that text for example is EXACTLY the same colour as an image (say to match a header banner or theme). I open the photo/banner in Photoshop (other photo editing tools are available), select the dropper tool (or the colour selection tool) and click on the colour in the background of the image. In the colour select option it shows you the hex value (and RGB I think). This should help you to find/match any colour.Hope that helps.
  8. I'm not entirely sure what I mean myself! I've tried many many many mail scripts. I found it very frustrating indeed. Eventually one worked, not sure why. The code is below, any assistance you could offer would be helpful.<?php// Read POST request params into global vars $to = 'mye-mail@mail.com';$subject = $_POST['subject'];$from = $_POST['from'];$name = $_POST['name'];$number = $_POST['number'];$message = "You have received a message from your website. Please see below for further details." . "\n\n" . "From: " . $_POST['name'] . " - " . $_POST['from'] . "\n" . "Number: " . $_POS
  9. Try this linkThis has got lots of different "3 column css layouts". If you don't understand I would start from scratch with "css float".Try searching for the quoted items to find what you need
  10. A container div will help you to keep it central, although it looks like you've solved that problem.It's like this. If you have a container div (or your body div), it will be a certain width. Then if you make boxes within this width, for example if you have three boxes within a container div and they are not positioned at all, just floated to the left, then they will all line up next to each other, rather than under each other. then if you change the width of the boxes, including adding padding and margins, you can push the other boxes along. Once they get so they won't fit THEN they will
  11. <div class="footer"Copyright 1999-2005 by Refsnes Data.</div>This should be <div class="footer">Copyright 1999-2005 by Refsnes Data.</div>You must remember to put a > at the end of every thing you open i.e.<div = <div><head = <head>you can put <div class="blah"> or even more than that within the bracket things, but always ensure a closing >
  12. I've got a mail script which works; HereI've got the same script not working; HereThe first is a linux server PHP Infothe second is a windows server PHP info. Would that make a difference to the script?The second difference which is immediately noticable is different versions of PHP (4.4.9 vs 5.2.4). I think this is the more likely of the two to be a problem. Can anyone tell me if (a) the server would make a difference (even if not in this case) and ( If a simple mail script would differ between versions of PHP?Many thanks in advance people
  13. Hey I want to know if there's a way to get PHP to return the address of the website it's on.Can anyone help me to find out what to search for on the web, I couldn't get google to understand what I wanted
  14. $subject = $_POST['subject'];$subject = $_POST['subject'];$from = $_POST['from'];$name = $_POST['name'];$number = $_POST['number'];if ('$subject' == 'General') $to = 'mail@mail.com'; elseif ('$subject' == 'Quotation') $to = 'mail@mail.com'; elseif ('$subject' == 'Customer Care') $to = 'mail@mail.com'; Ok so now I've got $subject do I still need the 'quotes' ?It is still not working like this, so I need to put brackets around the if thing?
  15. switch ($subject) { case "General Enquiry": $to = 'mail@mail.com'; break; case "Quotation": $to = 'mail@mail.com'; break; case "Customer Care": $to = 'mail@mail.com'; break; //$to = 'mail@mail.com';$subject = $_POST['subject'];$from = $_POST['from'];$name = $_POST['name'];$number = $_POST['number']; I've also tried this one, but it doesn't work either. It tells me that the last ?> in my code is wrong for some reason.
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