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    split forms

    Hi, Sorry I didnt make myself clear. I am trying to use PHP to do something like this:<FORM Name="sameForm" ACTION="./otherPage.php" METHOD="POST"> <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="one"></FORM><!-- Other Forms and Things In Here --><FORM Name="sameForm"> <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="two"> <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="Submit"></FORM> where when you click submit, the elements of both sections get POSTed to the otherPagethanks
  2. sav

    split forms

    hi im newish to all this but was wondering ...if there is a way to split up a form so that elements of a single form do not have to be contained within a single set of <FORM></FORM> tags?This would be extreemly helpfull in setting up the layout of pages so that elements of a common form do not have to be grouped together in the same areathanks in advancesav.
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