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  1. sorry , i'm afraid that's not what i want.,...thank you anyway..
  2. Hi there, anybody has any suggestion of how to submit the form when user press enter, the form itself contains select field, the text fields submited when i press enter, however, the select fields don't go anywhere.
  3. The server side language I use tomahawk, you won't know that cos it's developed by my boss and is only used internally within the company. It's based on Perl
  4. it works now, my colleague just add try{} catch(e){} around my code, then it works!!!
  5. I think it's cool and useful, it helps a lot for browser script to communicate with server. but it's tedious too
  6. I use AJAX , which has javascript, xml, and server content
  7. I'm Jane, just passed by this category(usually i'm in javascript), think would be nice to know you guys too.
  8. Yes, using AJAX technology is perfect for developing chatting system on web. you can refer to it on this web page:http://www.dynamicajax.com/fr/AJAX_Driven_...71_290_291.htmlHope this helpsJane
  9. hi there, I'm developing an AJAX web chat system. I got all the data to the server page, also i'm able to insert data into database. however, i can't display data back to the display screen. Please help~~~~
  10. You can pass html content to an XML file by using POST method. Then you need a seperate server page where xml content is displayed. for example: xmlDoc.open("POST","your server page","true");xmlDoc.setRequestHeader("content-type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded");xmlDoc.onreadystatechange=handlesent;var param="media=1";xmlDoc.sent(param); Hope this helpsJane
  11. I think you can change position by using css.
  12. Hi anybody knows about error bubbling? which is used to prevent users from entering letters to an input field such as telephone box or calculator screen. cheers!
  13. hi, does anybody know how to hide the input value entered by user to a input field?
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