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    I play bridge and I am very interested in learning to create web sites, eventually using all the fancy stuff. html and css are my current interests, I am sure that will grow with time
  1. That works also, I may have to rethink the back ground anyway Thanks for your help
  2. if I remove the background jpg the issue goes away, any ideas how I can cure this? and keep the back ground
  3. Thx for looking, maybe the issue is with my display, the i.e is fine FF3 shows the text in the centre div and header is crystal clear, it is just like the text in the left and right div is breaking up if that makes sense
  4. cranebill

    Web site clarity

    Hi all,I wonder what I need to do to resolve an issue I have with this site www.weekendbridge.com , in FF and IE one looks ok, the other, I have a problem that the links (Garamond font) look slightly blurred, please can some one look at it in both browsers and let me know where I need to be looking to resolve this issueThanksWayne
  5. cranebill

    Sizes of images

    Hi all,I have made a simple photo Gallery, but, I am having an issue with loading times, the photos, I take with my digital camera are about 3750kb in size and they seem to take forever to load, how do I make the jpg images smaller, do I need to buy adobe photoshop or something like that, if so, do you have any recommendations as to what I should spend my money on wiselyThanksWayne
  6. ok, sorry about that, I appear to be quite dumb, I just clicked the image and it opened a new page, I was just hovering over the image I inserted and could not see what I should have been doing obviously I was either tired or drunk (a feeble attempt at justifing my stupidity)
  7. Can someone explain exactly what this isI see what it does but I am not sure what or why Thxit is this line, I am having probs understanding THX (I cut and paste from w3schools image tutorials for css)<a target="_blank" href="p1000010.jpg"><div class="img"> <a target="_blank" href="p1000010.jpg"> <img src="p1000010.jpg" alt="sophie" width="110" height="90" /> </a> <div class="desc">Sophie Smith</div></div>
  8. yes it is much appreciated, sorry for lack of info sometimes, but, sometimes, I am not quite sure what I am trying to achieve, if that makes sense, a lot is desktop based, as the website I am using is actually in use, I run a bridge weekends (only for friends) and I need it up all the time and I have to be sure what I put on there is not a total disaster, some of my efforts, have been poor at best but I will try to give more info in future Thanks to you all again
  9. cranebill

    overflow auto

    Thank god for that, I thought it was another acronym, I was going to have to remeber I have no principles according to my wife
  10. cranebill

    overflow auto

    ^Hi, thanks for checking it out, my apologys, I did realise it was an issue with word length, but failed to put that in my post(I was just playing about trying to see what my limitations would be and trying to understand how divs behave)Forcing the 110 margin, was just my attempt at making a page look like some of the other pages on the net, I quite like the white space aroung a page, I just assumed that was the easiest way of doing it.Please can I have a bit more help, I have no idea what you mean by POP?
  11. cranebill

    overflow auto

    hi entire css and htm code coming up ( the text in the centre of the div is just rubbish, text to fill the spaces)The issue is only in i.e BTW . thx for taking the time :)/* this is the div section for a header and 3 columns*/div.container{width: auto;height: 100%;margin: 0px 110px 0px 110px;border: 1px solid;}div.header{background-color:none;width:auto;height:100px;overflow: auto;border: 1px solid;padding: 10px;}div.left{float: left;background-color:none;width:4cm;height:400px;overflow: auto;border: 1px solid;padding: 12px 12px 12px 12px;}div.center{background-color:none;width:auto;Height: 40
  12. cranebill

    overflow auto

    Hi just a quickie. 3 div cloumns, too much text in a box (deliberate, I have no issue with this , as I am trying to work out how divs work)issue is with the center div, here is the coding for the 3 divsdiv.left{float: left;background-color:none;width:4cm;height:1000px; (please note, the center div goes below the left when the div height is set at 400px, when this div is set at 1000px the div goes below the right div but next to the left div)overflow: auto;border: 1px solid;padding: 12px 12px 12px 12px;}div.center{background-color:none;width:auto;Height: 400px;overflow: auto;border: 1px soli
  13. cranebill

    padding issue

    wow fire bug looks great thx
  14. cranebill

    DIV'S AGAIN :)

    Thanks, seems to make sense
  15. cranebill


    Hi all,This is not a critisim, just an idea, shoot me down in flames if you wantcould the section on dealing with layout. divs and positioning, be a little more idiot proof, I found the concept quite hard to grasp, I even spent a week or so away from the computer reading two books, dummies for HTML4 and Dummies for CSS, after reading all the bits relating to divs and positioning, I still don't understand fully the aspects and quirks as well as I hoped (I could just be a slow learner though) :)unfortunately, I am not in a position to suggest anything more constructive other than, perhaps less e
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