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  1. Thanks but I have all those set to 0 elsewhere in the css....
  2. Hi there,Just having a bit of problem with a website I'm building. I'm sure it's something very obvious as I'm not exactly pro at this. I'd really appreciate if someone can see where I'm going wrong.Here's my page so far http://www.brighton-solar.com/tempMy problem is that I have built the layout using tables and set the cell sizes using css. I have added a background image for each cell using css and the images are the same sizes as the cell that they sit in..... but... each cell appears to be a pixel or two larger than the image even though the values are identical. I have set my cell backgrounds bright red so this is very easy to see...Any ideas?? thanks in advance. Here's my css below td.left {width:120px; background-image: url(images/slice2.jpg);background-repeat: no-repeat;}td.menu {width:193px; background-image: url(images/slice3.jpg);background-repeat: no-repeat;}td.main_header {width:503px; height:170px; background-image: url(images/slice4.jpg);background-repeat: no-repeat;}td.right {width:212px; background-image: url(images/slice5.jpg);background-repeat: no-repeat;}td.main {width:503px; background-image: url(images/slice7.jpg);background-repeat: no-repeat;}td.main_footer {width:503px; height:54px; background-image: url(images/slice8.gif);background-repeat: no-repeat;}
  3. Hi there..A question about Doc heads.. the bit that declares the type of document at the start of a html file..my site uses frames so the first page is a frameset and so uses the frameset doc head...Then my main page that opens within the frameset uses iframes.... do i need a frameset or a regular heading for this?The rest of the pages are standard html with no frames so i presume i use a standard head for these even though they open within a frameset?Thanks for your help!
  4. I am using frames in my site. The index page is a frameset file and several html pages load on opening it. Most of the time it works fine but I've found that on some computers (most notably the ones in my work office that run off a network) often don't load all the html files into the frames. I am left with blank areas on the website. Later if i click a link that directly loads a page into a frame all is fine, its only when i type the url and let the frameset load the pages...Can anyone help?Thanks
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    for a quick cheat without coding anything yourself use this ready made flash program.. its free to download and simple to usehttp://www.airtightinteractive.com/simpleviewer/
  6. Hi. I don't know exactly which topic this question should come under so I put it in the html topic...My problem is that when i update pages on my website by over writing existing html files they sometimes don't appear immidiately when I load the website on my computer at work where the computer logs onto the internet via a network. The updates appear fine on my home computer where I connect directly to the net.I'm just worried that other people connecting via a network also won't be able to see my new pages. I dont know anything about it but think maybe the server doesn't request the updated files as it sees them already in its memory and so just forwards the old files to be displayed? Is there a way to force the server to download the updated file?(I use frames a lot in my site if this makes any difference)Thanks
  7. I am using iframes in my website.Everything looks great in Internet Explorer but in Firefox I get ugly and un-nessesary scrollbars at the bottom of the iframe. The content of the frame is all within the defined width of the iframe so there is never any need to scroll left or right. The vertical scrollbar is always needed.Does anyone know how i can make these invisible in Firefox (it does it automaticaly on IE)If you want to see what i'm talking about the website is www.collective-era.comThankyou!
  8. Ahhh thankyou! much obliged!topher100
  9. HelloCould some one help me? I want to be able to set the margin size on the edges of my html document so as i can butt images, tables etc. right up against the browser frame... I know this must be possible as I have seen many websites which do this.Thanks!Topher100
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