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  1. No No. lolwhere r u from?im from london
  2. i have created a recordset which gets a description and an ID from 1 tablei have created a drop-down list which shows the descriptions but uses the values of the IDsi have created another recordset which gets an ID, an image url and another ID (which is the foreign key to the first table)i would like the user to select a product from the drop-down list and then be presented with the corresponding images. i can get the images from the database and on the webpage but presented as a static page. i would like the user to select the product first and then be presented with the relating imageshow would i do this in dreawmeaver?thanks in advance
  3. choobakka

    dynamic table

    ok ive managed to extract images from the database and present them in a table on a webpage. the only thing i need to do now it have a drop down list from which users can select a product line. once users have selected, i would like the corresponding images to be displayed.any ideas?
  4. choobakka

    dynamic table

    or can somebody point me in the direction of a good tutorial on the issue?
  5. choobakka

    dynamic table

    heres what id like to achieve:i am going to inbed some .jpg pictures in my Access database.on my webpage i would like the user to select a product line from a drop down list.once they have selected a product line, i would like the corresponding .jpeg images to be pulled from the database and displayed in a table. does anybody know how i could achieve this (preferably with dreamweaver)?please tell me the steps i need to go throughthanks
  6. is it possible to have an if/else statement within a 'for' statement?if so what is the default syntax becuase i keep getting errors!thanks in advance
  7. IT WORKED.thank you so much
  8. here is a sample of my code:var returnValue = true;var firstname = frmShuffle.firstName.value;var lastname = frmShuffle.lastName.value;if (firstname != "") { //if entry is not empty returnValue = true; if (firstname.match(/\d/) != null) { //if entry is a number returnValue = false; alert("you have entered a number"); }} else { // empty so skip all of abovereturnValue = false;alert("Please enter your First Name");return returnValue;}if (lastname.length == 0) {returnValue = false;alert("Please enter your Second Name");frmShuffle.lastName.focus();return returnValue;}the problem i am having is with the code in italic. what i want to happen is that the browser checks if the field is empty. if it is not then true is returned but then another IF statement is executed to check its content (ie for numbers). if numbers are found then false is returned. the problem is that if text is entered eveything is fine. however, when a number is entered, the validation takes place BUT once the validation has taken place, it executes the next statement (in bold). however, i would like it keep re-checking for numbers and THEN once the validation is satisfied ie text with no numbers, only then should it move on to the next statement (in bold)
  9. so how would u suggest i do it then:at the moment i have code which checks if first name is empty. if it is then message saying "please enter first name".if it is not, i have code to check if last name is empty. if it is then message saying "please enter last name"if it is not, i have code to check if email is empty, if it is, then message saying "please enter email". if it is not then i have a do/while with a prompt for the user to enter their email again (validation against their original email input)after all of this is satisfied, i run another function.i need to be able to check if the first name and last name have numbers and if so throw an error. how could i best do this?id prefer to do it nested for each text field separately. ie check if empty then check if numbers, then if satisfied move on to last name.
  10. in my form the text field is called firstName. in the javascript i have declared a variable as follows:var firstname = frmShuffle.firstName.value;
  11. the problem is that i already have other validation for the same text box(s):if (lastname.length == 0) {returnValue = false;alert("PLease enter your first name");then i inserted the above example as follows:if (lastname.length == 0) {returnValue = false;alert("PLease enter your first name");if (firstname.value.match(/\d/) != null) {alert('Contains a number');}}i also also put in the folowing:if (lastname.length == 0) {returnValue = false;alert("PLease enter your first name");if (firstname.value.match(/\d/) != null) {returnValue = false;alert('Contains a number');}either way it does now work?any ideas?im trying to nest the second validation (numbers) within the first validation (checking for any input)
  12. i have a form with text fields for first name, last name and email. i would like the first 2 boxes to be validated by checking if there are any numbers entered in the boxes. if numbers are entered, i would like an alert. im not too worried about the alert, just checking for number.any ideas?thanks in advance
  13. choobakka

    image help

    sorry but im new to this. how would i do this in dreamweaver?
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