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  1. Hello,Put the title tags between your head tags. The tags will then not be visible on the page, it will be visible in the browser bar. Title tags help inform the Search Engines what your page is about.I hope this helps.- Cylants
  2. cylants


    If you are short on cash and looking to test out ecommerce.Try Zen Cart, open-source, can deploy on local workstation.Heavy use of W3schools tutorials as in PHP, HTML, CSS.I hope this helps.
  3. cylants

    CS3 tester

    From a Client, Server perspective this would depend on the NOS.2000 Server - Probably Bump2003 Server - Depends on AD setupNovell 5 - BumpI hope this helps.
  4. cylants

    SEO section

    I work in an SEO capacity and provide it as an add-on service to my clients. Let me explain further. SEO concepts are both on and off the page of your Website. In monetizing a site among billions of websites how will you be found.SEO as a service is necessary as their are a lot of websites out their, as I have clients who have come to me for this purpose, that have no META DATA, and that is just the start. You also have to consider navigation, can a SE read all those links? Flash? JavaScript? Other? If the SE cannot navigate your site cannot be indexed.Others posts are also correct. SEO should
  5. Synook is absolutely correct. Whenever I am planning a project. I weigh out the pros and cons of both. Some Dynamic Content has non SEO-Friendly URLS, while a static page has what you want to target. I know this seems a little off topic, but I thought I would add that.
  6. Hello Kurt,I really do not have any solution directly to your log issue. I have used Adobe for PDF creation and have never had an issue when converting from Word or Pages.If you are not using Adobe, why don't you get a trial download and see if you have a better experience.- Cylants
  7. cylants

    New Project

    Hello,I am new to the forums. I have started a new project. http://www.linkdirectoryworld.comI am not looking for any signups by posting here, but feel free if you want.I think I am going to start off with 0 links, and let users build the directory. Most directories establish the directories. If I let users choose their niche, then I think they will get more relevant traffic.Why paid and not free. Many link directories are free. They are also filled with SPAM links. http://www.linkdirectoryworld.com will be 100% human edited and every link will be checked for content. I started with a simple p
  8. I have been using kuler for a long time. I highly recommend it when looking for a scheme for your project.I hope this was helpful.
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